Thursday, 19 February 2009

I4A Conference at SOAS. 14 March 2009. All activists welcome

We would like to invite you to our conference on the 14 March entitled "The Internet for Activists 2009". We are students who have seen internet tactics build successful campaigns and gain publicity for important issues.

Our aim is to set up a free conference where advanced internet activists can share their expertise with others and different activist groups can meet to share their own experience, both of the web and the street.

A one-day conference on how to effectively use the internet for activism. Experts in their fields will give seminars, workshops, do laptop surgery and there will be stalls and food. 

Full programme to be published once it has been finalised.

To book a stall or for further details please email internetforactivists[at]


  1. What the fuck is Laptop Urgery? You far-left loons should fuck off

  2. Act your age and stop bothering young people. At your age, you're just an embarrassment to the movement. Neither you or any of your far-left nutter mates would know how to use the internet for activism if it came and slapped you in the face.